3G HD-SDI/HDMI Cross Converter

3G HD-SDI/HDMI Cross Converter
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  • Item #: SDIHDMICC
The VTS, 3G HD-SDI/HDMI Cross Converter, is a full bandwidth, 4 mode, signal format processor. The modes are selected by a momentary up-down switch, and indicated by a colored LED. All outputs are re-clocked signals of the selected input signal. Mode 1; simultaneous HD-SDI to HDMI and HDMI to HD-SDI conversion. Mode 2; simultaneous HDMI to HDMI and HD-SDI to Dual HD-SDI outputs. Mode 3; HDMI to both HDMI and Dual HD-SDI outputs. Mode 4; HD-SDI to both HDMI and Dual HD-SDI outputs Along with a 110/240 volt Switching Power supply, there is an attached F-970 battery mount for camera mounts or remote locations that are inconvenient for power from the mains. Additionally, this handy device is enclosed in a hardened steel case with 2, 1/4-20 threaded mounts on the top and bottom. Ideal for Camera rigs and permanent installations.
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Price $255.00